Monday, May 21, 2012

An Awesome Birthday Present: Part One :)

Josh with my new Polaroid camera!
A photo I took with my new camera, on Lomo mode :)

I thought I'd share some of the awesomely special presents I received for my birthday this past week. :)

First is this totally amazing Polaroid camera that my brother Andrew got me! It is super neat because it is both a digital and an instant camera. :) You take digital pictures under a multitude of settings, and then you choose if you want to print them out!

The photo quality is really great, and I especially like the Lomo setting. The palm tree above just popped with so much detail! It is such a lovely camera, and a wonderful present. Thank you again, Andrew!



  1. That's so cool!! What a good brother! :)

    1. It really is the coolest camera ever! My brother is definitely the best. :)