Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Outfitted In: OMG, a Dress!

Dress with Belt: Rugged Wearhouse; Jacket: Gift; Shoes, Bag: Thrifted

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to a fancy brunch this past Sunday that called for dressing up. If you've read my blog a while, you'd know I'm not a "dress person" in the slightest. This is actually my only dress in my closet!

I got it for $12 at Rugged Wearhouse months ago, just because it was a great price and it fit well. And I thought, heck- everyone needs a black dress!

It was surprisingly comfortable and fun to wear, so maybe I'll be pulling it out again. :) (Also, please excuse my paper-white legs!)



  1. YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! And dude, pasty white is the new tan. Just channel Twilight. Less cancer that way. ;)

    1. Thanks, buddy :) I agree- pasty white is pretty cool!