Saturday, August 24, 2013

#Thriftspotting in Florida :)

Here are some of the cool things I spotted while I thrifted with my dad in Florida. :) I saw all sorts of cool things! I can't wait to decorate when we move into our own place down there! It will be so fun!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have to work this morning, but then I'll be doing some #thriftspotting with the hubby. :)



  1. I love that brass étagère! I see those in all the cool kids' homes!

    Have you been having an easy time non-thrifting? I put a hold on my spending and that's worked only about half the time! (Once I found a Waechtersbach black kitteh mug and then a shirt that I have been looking for, for about six months!)

    ETA: I also love those rugs. I wish I could find some nice used ones...that didn't cost an arm and a leg! Home Goods had some nice ones but they smell sooooo bad! Plastic-y.


    1. I totally almost got the brass étagère :) It was pretty awesome!

      I've had an okay time non-thrifting. It's fun to take pictures of all the random or awesome things I see, but if there's something I've been looking for forever, I do get it!

      Basically, I can't wait to get to Florida and be able to decorate our new apartment or house! I'm really into mid-century modern stuff, and it'll be so fun finding furniture in that style. :) I love the hunt!