Monday, September 9, 2013

Thrift Finds: Mint Green Leather :)

Vintage Leather Purse: Goodwill Outlet ($3)

So, of all the purses I've thrifted the past couple of years, I decided to just keep a few. One of the ones I was going to keep was a small black Coach bag, but it turned out to be too small. Into the garage sale it went!

That left a cross-body-purse-sized hole in my wardrobe, and I thrifted this one right away! It is perfectly buttery mint green leather, and the just-right size for a day of thrifting. :) This and my pink tote are my main purses now.

It feels so good to de-clutter as we get ready for our upcoming move! There's nothing better than just having things you love, instead of just whatever. That's going to be my new thing once we have our own place in Florida- only decorating with items that the hubby and I love. :)

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