Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty Brooches

Vintage Brooches, Gift
My hubby's aunt brought my sis-in-law a couple containers full of old jewelry to look through, and of course my sis-in-law thought to show them to me too! I was lucky enough to be given these two beautiful brooches that are just my style. :)

The top one is especially neat, since it seems to have real age to it. It is heavy and pink and beautiful- thank you so much Aunt Melanie and Ashley!



  1. How lucky, both brooches are gorgeous! I'm a real pin/brooch fanatic, I keep buying them at the thrift/at estate sales and put them on all my sweaters and coats.

  2. True! I have a huge collection too! I try to wear them as much as I can :)